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16 September, 2014


Welcome to Segs Benedict!

I debated tirelessly on what to have as my first ever post, but in the end decided on something food related.

Food will be a big part of Segs Benedict so I thought kicking it off with the things I enjoy eating and cooking would make a great start to things.

There are certain foods that we use time and time again in our cooking or just seem to gravitate towards in the kitchen. I suppose there are different reasons for this. Perhaps the food is comforting, convenient or just makes a dish taste really good.

I realised that there were about 8 things that I always use as key ingredients, my “cooking core” if you like.

These things are Roasted Pepper Pesto, Spring Onions, Bananas, Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Rocket, Chicken and Creme Fraiche. 
Roasted Pepper Pesto is one of my favourite things to use. It's perfect for wraps, pasta and on tarts instead of a tomato based sauce.

Spring Onions or scallions (as the Americans say) always seem to add a fresh taste to anything and is a lighter alternative to its cousin the red onion.

Bananas are lovely in cakes and sliced on top of toast with peanut butter. It’s relative the plantain makes the best crisps. 

Greek Yogurt is my favourite healthy breakfast food. It’s almost like a pudding when you add fresh fruit and drizzle honey on top. For the real deal I go for Fage.

Blueberries are such a beautiful colour and pair so well with greek yogurt. 

All my favourite salads seem to have rocket in them and it has such a distinctive peppery taste. 

Chicken is a real comfort food for me and if I’m in doubt I will always order it. I like it any which way but I stay away from the skin!

Creme Fraiche is delicious with berries, swirled on top of soup and for making a creamy sauce for pasta dishes.

I will be using these ingredients to make lots of lovely things and sharing the recipes on the blog. Do look out for them :) 

I would love to know what makes up your "cooking core" or what ingredients you are always using in the kitchen.



  1. Hey Segsbenedict, this was an interesting read. I don't have a cooking core. I'm deffo gonna develop one now. I'm going to steal a few of your ingredients i.e. Red Pepper Pesto and Greek yoghurt. I don't always get the chance to eat/use those ingredients, but I'm happy when I do.

    I have created a bucket list and cooking more meals is on there.

    Post more please! I reckon you can help to improve my non existent cooking skills.

  2. Haha cheers :) I'm glad I can be of use and let me know when you have your cooking core!

  3. Hi Segs, cant wait for your next post, this got me thinking of my cooking core, methinks rice has to be in my mix somewhere.Good wholesome food nice ideas!

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