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27 September, 2014


"The greatest oaks have been little acorns"
"Rome wasn’t built in a day"
"Patience is a virtue"
"Good things come to those who wait (apparently)"

Having more patience is one of those things I really need to work on. 

And yet absolutely everything we do in life requires a degree of patience. Simple, everyday tasks like waiting for the bus, making food or travelling to work in the morning are dependent on our patience.

I am an incredibly impatient person. But I’m not afraid or embarrassed to admit it, and actually see this as something to work on. Aren't we all a work in progress? 

I hope one day I can be more cool, calm and collected.  

The biggest challenge I have experienced so far with patience is through my job search. Since graduating from university in 2011 I have not managed to secure a permanent job that both pays enough and that I actually find fulfilling.

I have completed some amazing internships and had some great temporary jobs which I am grateful for, but I’m trying to wait (patiently) for the right one. 

Some of the tools I use to develop my patience 

1. Soaking up natureGoing for walk where I am surrounded by nature always makes me remember that the most beautiful and profound things in life take time.

2. Writing things down. Getting how I feel written down and looking back on it shows how much i’ve actually progressed without even realising it.

3. Reading. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta is incredible. The Voice of Patience sums it all up.

4. Finding inspirational words. One of the quotes I love most is Thomas Fuller’s
"The greatest oaks have been little acorns". I feel pretty grounded when I think about this.

Now the big question, how patient are you?


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