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19 September, 2014


Tate Britain Millbank Entrance

Looking at art and walking around a gallery is something I find really therapeutic. As a former history of art student, galleries have become a place that I’m familiar with and love to visit whenever I can.

Sometimes finding galleries in London that aren’t bursting at the seams and teeming with people is very difficult. This is not too surprising, however, considering London has some of the most iconic gallery spaces in the world.

Tate Britain main stairs
Nevertheless when it is quiet, as it was when I visited the Tate Britain last week, the experience can be so relaxing and rewarding. For whatever reason I find it a very peaceful place. If you have a lot on your mind perhaps soaking up the atmosphere and looking art will lift the load.

It’s also very spacious and light environment which is definitely mood boosting! 

Dome at Tate Britain

The dome at the heart of the gallery is just stunning. This part of Tate Britain was redeveloped by Caruso St John architects and completed late last year. It’s worth going just to see the beautiful transformation. 

These were some of the pieces dotted around that caught my eye.

Art Tate Britain

L-R 'Model for Eros on the Shaftesbury Memorial, Picadilly Circus' by Alfred Gilbert, View through permanent collection, 'Untitled: dock: crushedtower 2014' by Phyllida Barlow, 'Forms in Echelon' by Barbara Hepworth.

I would love to hear what you think of the Tate Britain, is it a chilled out space for you? 


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