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09 October, 2014


Autumn Tress
Autumn really is a beautiful season. The crisp leaves are now littering the grass and pavements in their dozens. 
Fall leaves on the roadLeaves of the ground

Fall Leaf

As it gets colder I will definitely be drinking lots of hot chocolate, lighting candles around the house and wrapping up warm.

 Some autumn inspired things...

1. Deep fried maple leaves 
In Japan they deep fry maple leaves in tempura batter which I think is really resourceful and cool. Image Credit - Kimubert Flickr

2. Beautiful autumn photographs 
Apparently MailOnline posted the same 'beauty of autumn' photos last year but that's alright, they're still lovely.

3.  Christmas mulled fruit tea
I saw this on Lorraine Pascale's Instagram. It's a Christmas tea from Marks and Spencer but spiced apple, cranberry and clementine seems quite autumnal too. 
Image Credit - Lorraine Pascale

4.  Monki Flo Scarf
You need a good scarf when it gets cold and I love this one. It's over 2m long so you'll definitely be wrapped warm in it through autumn.

5. Oversized Reiss Jumper
Like a scarf, you need a good jumper.  This is soft, fluffy and looks so cosy.

6. White Company Fireside Candle
The name says it all. I think this candle would be great for those long Autumn evenings.

What are some of the things you will be doing or buying this autumn?


  1. This is a nice blog entry on the Fall Season. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Michael :)