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13 October, 2014


the rat race

I’ve always found “the rat race” to be a really silly expression and yet it's something that affects a lot of us. Being tangled in it can be very damaging to our wellbeing and robs us of our peace of mind.

The rat race is “ a way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power. ” 

Most of us have probably been there… I certainly have. There have been times when I should have been focusing on myself and I didn’t. Instead of walking down my own path, I was looking around worrying and watching others. 

I believe the only person that can make you truly happy is yourself.  I try as much as I can to be
authentic and honest to myself and those around me.

Expectation Vs Reality 

When I was leaving school in 2008 and I thought about my life after graduating university, I expected something very different. I imagined I would have achieved so much more financially and in terms of my career progression. 

Sometimes I don’t stop enough to notice the growth and vital steps I’ve made. 

Striving for success and gaining the obvious signs of it (lots money, an influential position and the big house ) are brilliant but is it really worth making yourself unhappy? 

The tortoise 

I am always asking myself tough questions. What is it that I really want in my life? What will make me fulfilled? 

I’m learning that we are all on our own journey in life and to really embrace this. In Aesop's fable it was the tortoise who slowly but surely succeeded. Perhaps slow and steady does win the race…

What do you think of the 'rat race'?



  1. I couldn't agree more ...slow and steady does win the race....lovely piece of writing

  2. The rat race here in Nigeria is a do or die affair because everyone wants to get there before everyone else but I tell you it's a stiff competition .nice piece Segs