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13 November, 2014


If you have sensitive skin like myself then there are a ton of beauty products out there that can help with this - all natural, colour and fragrance free.

But what about the other type of sensitive skin where things that people say or do affect you? Your sense of self is left feeling irritated and your ego is red and inflamed.

I suppose that's more difficult to manage. What do you use to soothe that? All I know is that somehow developing tougher skin than can act as a barrier from others' opinions, comments and feedback is the way forward.

On the sensitivity spectrum are you someone who completely brushes things off after a few moments or do you tend to dwell and re-play those things that hurt over in your mind?

Well I am definitely overly sensitive. Yesterday I ordered a praline cappuccino at Costa which I pronounced as "PRAY-LEAN" to the barista. I was swiftly corrected by her,"oh you mean PRAH-LEAN" she replied.

Her response annoyed me. I suppose it made me feel a little inadequate at that moment but I know it was something that I definitely shouldn't be taking to heart.

A filtering system

Sometimes it's pointless to take things personally but on the other hand taking on board what others say may actually help to develop your character.

Filtering and looking at things objectively rather than dwelling is probably the best defence for  our psychological sensitive skin.

I'd be lying if I told you I knew all the answers but this article here is pretty useful.

How sensitive is your skin?


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