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15 September, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I decided to get my Come Dine with Me on and head to a supper club in Hackney, East London. I've had Vietnamese food a couple of times before but I really didn't know what to expect.

Our host was ultimate foodie/photographer/Jamie Oliver approved Uyen Luu (there she goes talking to a fellow supper clubber) and we were served in her very cosy home. Her plates etc were gorgeous.

I was sat on the corner table backing the bookshelf (next to that pleasant American chap). Drinks were flowing and the food started to emerge quite quickly, in total there were about 6 courses. Everyone on my table was lovely as you can see!

My favourite dishes were the vegetable curry pies and chicken salad with carrot and hot mint. The flavours of the salad came together so well and I love it when simple stuff is put together brilliantly.  

These summer rolls unfortunately were my worst nightmare. I hate the texture of prawns but decided to give the rolls a go. I chewed and chewed but they wouldn't go down, not for me!

I had a great evening and would definitely recommend going to Uyen's if you want to try something different or just love Vietnamese food.


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